Counter-narrative Campaigns

ISD has pioneered the development of targeted, scaled counter-narrative campaigns, bringing credible voices from grassroots networks together with world-leading tech, social media and marketing capabilities. ISD has trialled and measured interventions across the radicalisation spectrum from educational resources to inoculate young people, to one to one interventions with radicalised individuals in social media.

Innovation Hub

ISD’s Innovation Hub brings tech, marketing, campaigns and communications sector capabilities together with those with the expertise and credibility – the activists, former extremists, survivors of extremism and frontline workers who are at the root of counter-narrative campaigns and interventions – to challenge, push back, disrupt and counter extremist propaganda and activity on and offline.

Online Civil Courage Initiative

Launched in Germany in January 2016, the Online Civil Courage Initiative (OCCI) builds on ISD’s existing partnership with Facebook to develop new understanding and responses to the challenge of hate speech and violent extremism on social media.

Click below to download the OCCI Counterspeech Handbook:

Extreme Dialogue

A multi-media education resource for teachers and social workers centred on compelling films of ‘formers and survivors’ of extremism. Launched in Canada, with upcoming launches and school roll-outs in the UK , Germany, and Hungary.

Check out Extreme Dialogue‘s newest film, Fowzia’s Story here.

One to One Initiative

An innovative engagement initiative that facilitates interventions between former extremists and young people who show serious extremist tendencies. The pilot programme has been delivered through Facebook with an over 60% positive engagement rate to date.