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Lynn Hunt, Humanitas Visiting Professor in Historiography, May 2014
Margaret MacMillan, Humanitas Visiting Professor in War Studies, February 2014
Dr Suraya Dalil, Afghan Minister of Health, speaking at the Weidenfeld Debate, Oxford, May 2013
Alastair Campbell, Humanitas Visiting Professor in Media at the University of Cambridge, November 2013
David Der-wei Wang, Humanitas Visiting Professor in Chinese Studies, May 2014
Dr Magnus Ranstorp of the Swedish National Defence College addressing the Counter-terrorism and Communities Workshop, September 2012
The 19th Plenary Meeting of the Club of Three, May 2013
Vik Muniz, Humanitas Visiting Professor in Contemporary Art, May 2014
Meeting of the Turkey Task Force, Istanbul, 13-14 April 2013
Humanitas Visiting Professor in the History of Art, Philippe de Montebello, University of Cambridge, November 2012
Meeting of the Energy Expert Group to discuss energy issues of mutual concern to Turkey,USA and the EU
The 14th Policy Planner’s Network Conference, September 2013, Helsinki, Finland,
Leading activists from pro-democracy movements in the Middle East, speaking at a Weidenfeld Debate, February 2012
Participants watch a presentation during ISD's second Social Media and Intolerance workshop, July 2012
Weidenfeld Scholars' London Leadership Forum, 27-28 June 2013, London
The Inaugural Hoffmann Lecture with Jim Leape, Director General of WWF International, February 2013
Plenary Meeting focusing on Turkey
A bright start to the new academic year for the new Weidenfeld Scholars
Michael Govan, Humanitas Visiting Professor in Museums, Galleries and Libraries, May 2014