ISD is the world’s leading convener and mobiliser of grassroots networks committed to tackling violent extremism, working with ‘formers and survivors’, women and young people. Current projects include:

Against Violent Extremism

Against Violent Extremism (AVE) is the largest network of former extremists and victims of extremism in the world, bringing together 350 ‘formers and survivors’ to create compelling counter narrative content; support from Google Ideas and Gen NextFoundation.

Youth Civil Activism Network

The Youth Civil Activism Network (YouthCAN) is the leading European youth network of counter-extremism activists, YouthCAN provides marketing and digital tools to spur the creation of counter-narrative content for the Millennial generation; support from the Norwegian government.

Women and Extremism

The Women and Extremism (WaE) network brings together women from around the world – policy-makers, CVE practitioners, academics and activists – to evolve this much needed research agenda, increase female-led counter-narrative work, and seed grassroots counter-extremism networks.