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Europe in the World

At the heart of the Institute’s mission, this stream of work includes projects that focus on Europe’s capacity to engage cohesively and strategically in the international arena. This area of ISD’s programming works at the highest levels with policy and industry chiefs exploring innovative approaches to Europe’s relations with its border regions and  with global strategic players including the United States and China. ISD also increasingly seeks to engage young leaders and different voices in the search for new answers to some of Europe's key challenges.

This area of work includes the following projects and initiatives:

The Club of Three

ISD’s longest-standing initiative is the Club of Three, a high-level Franco-British-German forum founded by ISD President Lord Weidenfeld constituting a yearly stocktaking of the European landscape.

More about The Club of Three

Engaging Turkey Initiative

This project focuses on strengthening European and US relations with Turkey, a key player on the global stage.

More about Engaging Turkey Initiative

UANI-ISD Initiative

The UANI-ISD Initiative (UANI-ISD) is dedicated to combating the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran and includes research, education, policy, and action initiatives in Europe. 

More about UANI-ISD Initiative

Europe-China Media Exchange

ISD has launched a Europe-China Media Exchange initiative, aimed at creating opportunities for senior journalists from Europe and China to gain an informed insight into each other’s societies

More about Europe-China Media Exchange

European Leaders Series

ISD’s European Leaders Series seeks to introduce key UK audiences to leading political figures from Europe, fostering increased understanding and creating important international linkages.

More about European Leaders Series

EUCERS/ISD/KAS - Energy Talks

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue has entered into a partnership with the European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS) and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) to deliver the 3rd Energy Talks workshop series, which aims to explore the changing political and economic dynamics of global energy flows. The workshop series, hosted by EUCERS (King’s College London) will feature five separate panel discussions on the following topics:

More about EUCERS/ISD/KAS - Energy Talks

Europe-Turkey Media Forum

The Turkish media landscape is complex. With a wide variety of periodicals on offer to its 76 million or so inhabitants, the country has a burgeoning and highly developed media industry. Ownership of these outlets has traditionally been concentrated in the hands of a relatively small number of media organizations, yet in recent years there has been an influx of new media outlets that are controlled by holdings that operate in completely different sectors. This has in turn raised questions about the nature of the relationship between business, political parties and the media, as well as concerns about the freedom of the press in Turkish society.  

More about Europe-Turkey Media Forum

Club of Three Special Sessions on Defence

These sessions bring together leading figures from the defence industry and government primarily from France, the UK and Germany to address Europe’s defence requirements in the face of evolving global threats.

More about Club of Three Special Sessions on Defence


This initiative (America-Europe-Russia) was launched in 2001 to facilitate the normalisation of diplomatic, economic and cultural relations through structured high-level dialogue between America, Europe and Russia.

More about AMEURUS

Frontiers of Europe

This initiative worked with the business community, policy makers and experts to further discussions on Europe's border regions amongst Western governments.

More about Frontiers of Europe

Recent Events

18 September 2015


Club of Three Working Session
Dialogue on Europe-Turkey cooperation
26 June 2015


Club of Three: Fireside Chat with Mario Monti

19 January 2015


Club of Three’s 20th Plenary Meeting
5 December 2014


All Europe in the World events

Research and Policy Papers

Exploring New Vehicles for a Strategic European Engagement with Russia

Lord Owen, March 2009

In this paper, the former UK Foreign Secretary and EU peace negotiator argues that, in dealing with the EU's relationship with the Russian Federation, it might be beneficial to to ask ourselves how we envision that relationship in 2020.

America and Europe: Moving Towards 2020

Sir Stephen Wall and Professor James Goldgeier, February 2007

These essays and commentaries were prepared as part of an international conference held in Washington DC in February 2007, organised by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, ISD and the Europaeum.

Summary Reports

Club of Three Working Session – Europe and Turkey

Relations between Europe and Turkey were once again the focus in June’s Working Session in Istanbul.

The first meeting in December was a calibration exercise, forging a sense that, despite challenges, Europe and Turkey’s futures were linked. The June meeting sought to introduce new perspectives on similar topics to those discussed in December, in a context of political depolarisation in Turkey. The meeting highlighted the potential for strategic convergence between Europe and Turkey in the energy sector. Africa also emerged as an area of mutual interest.

After two joint events, it was felt that the Club of Three-GRF partnership had provided a solid basis for an open and frank dialogue that could play an important part in bridging Europe-Turkey differences outside the vicissitudes of EU accession talks. 

Club of Three Plenary Meeting - Call for greater cooperation between Europe and Turkey

5 December 2014. Paris

EU-Turkey relations were the focus of December’s Club of Three’s plenary meeting that took place in December in Paris. Some 60 politicians and business leaders from France, Germany, the UK and Turkey discussed areas of common interest such as the Syrian conflict and trade relations.

The meeting concluded that, despite the stalemate in EU-Turkey relations in recent years, both sides would benefit from greater collaboration in areas including anti-terrorism.

For more information see the full report.

Europe-China Media Exchange: Inside Europe tour

17-23 November 2014

London, Berlin


Following the Nanjing tour in 2013, it was the turn of Chinese journalists to come to Europe as part of the Europe-China Media Exchange (ECME) programme.

The ‘Inside Europe’ tour is designed to allow these journalists to gain an insight into the West’s media, and for both European and Chinese journalists to understand each other’s approaches to a range of issues such as foreign policy as well as the challenges currently faced by the media. 

The tour began in London on the 17th of November. The Chinese journalists spent three days visiting leading media organisations including the BBC, the Guardian, CNN, The Economist and Financial Times where they met senior editors and participated in news meetings. 

Europe-China Media Exchange, external report, 2013

20-27 November 

Nanjing, China

This report summarises the events and activities of the Nanjing leg of the Europe-China Media Exchange, which took place in October 2013.

A New Sort of Europe, a New Sort of World? - The 19th Plenary Meeting of the Club of Three

The report summarises the discussions that took place during the 19th Plenary Meeting of the Club of Three. 

Participants gathered to discuss the financial, institutional and geostrategic challenges facing contemporary Europe.

The Europe-China Media Exchange: ‘Inside Europe’ Pilot Exchange Tour

March 2013

This report summarises the events and activities of the inaugural “Inside Europe” leg of the Europe-China Media Exchange, which took place in London, Frankfurt and Berlin in November 2012.

The Club of Three and China: The China-Europe Beijing Forum Summary Report

September 2012

This report summarises the events and discussions of the China-Europe Beijing Forum -an extension of the Club of Three and China initiative- which took place in May 2012.

The Europe-China Media Exchange: ‘Inside China’ Pilot Exchange Tour

February 2012

This report summarises the events and activities of the inaugural “Inside China” leg of the Europe-China Media Exchange, which took place in Chengdu (Sichuan Province) in October 2011.

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